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About the Artist

It's Sarah, everybodies favorite art babe. I am an earthling residing in Denver, Colorado. I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember. Enamored by the otherworldly & the mystical, my works depict the beauty & magic of everyday life.

“Sarah’s characters are intriguing and sensual. Aloof, in their own worlds. They’re sexy urban witches going about everyday life. They’re philosophical aliens sipping beer at a rooftop pool party. They’re confident, beautiful women eating junk food unapologetically and looking good doing it.
The third eye is a common theme among these voluptuous creatures, possibly because they see beyond the physical world. They’re living life to the beat of their own drum: sleeping in, dancing solo, lost in existential contemplation, wondering how to get back to the cosmos.”

-Alisa Damaso (for Killer Creatives)